For Independent Companions, Escorts & Courtesans


Just starting out in the industry? Or are you already established but desire more upscale clientele?

Whatever your case may be, your website is the first impression for your clients.
Ad placements can only go so far. Not only is a professional escort website a way to show your clients legitimacy, its a way to establish your own brand. In an ever-growing industry, strive to be at the top!

As a retired female provider, I understand exactly all the effort that is required into attracting new clients and maintaining existing relationships. I'm here to help boost your image and maximize your income, by creating stunning websites that will impress clients, while making the booking process simpler- no more endless back and forth emailing with answering question after question; your clients will have all the information needed about you in front of them, and you can receive all client information you require via your online website booking form.

My designs are sharp, minimal and sophisticated, making them user-friendly and easy to navigate while carrying a timeless aesthetic.

Although most of my clientele have been primarily North American based in Canada and The United States, I have and continue to accommodate website creations for companions in Australia, Europe and the rest of the world!





The Importance of Your Own Official Companion Website

  • A business website will showcase you as an upscale and reputable escort. Did you know that many clients use companion websites as one of the ways to solidify legitimacy and online presence?
  • Having a website will help you to run the escort services in a systematic and hassle-free way. Your potential clients can see all information they need, followed by filling out your website form.
  • You can advertise all information regarding your companion services, such as how much notice you require for meetings, screening information, and etiquette.


Why choose me?

  • I'm a retired female sex worker. I'm non-judgmental and can help with any questions you may have regarding the industry and how to put that into your site- for example, screening suggestions if you are a newbie and unsure of the best ways to keep safe.
  • I work alone, and therefore none of your information gets passed around to different members of employees. Although, just to be clear, I do not require any of your personal information when creating a website for you, which is why I have the option of anonymous payment methods such as Bitcoin.
  • Fast turn-around time; usually between 3-14 days, varying on how many websites I have in line to complete
  • Control: Don't put the control of your website into someone else's hands. Only you have access to your website once completed!
  • Low maintenance and upkeep: No need to pay a website designer for alterations, when you can make any future edits yourself. It's a straight-forward process to add photos, change your rates etc. I can show you how, once your website is completed.


How can I find out more?

Feel free to browse my website including my portfolio and get in touch via the contact page if my work pique's your interest.

Before inquiring, it is appreciated that you read my FAQ page, incase the answers to any of your questions or concerns are already there.

Thank you!